At Body Balance for Performance, we want to deeply understand how the body and the golf swing are related. In an effort to improve understanding, we are researching the causes of early hip extension. The video below shows what early hip extension is in the golf swing.

It is thought that there are physical causes to early hip extension in golf. We are trying to determine the validity of those causes through research. Our testing includes several physical tests and a golf swing check for the presence or absence of early hip extension. The testing takes about 30 minutes. Once the testing is completed the research will be explained to you in its entirety and you will be able to ask any questions that you may have. You will receive a $100 certificate that you can use towards Body Balance for Performance services as a “thank you” for helping with this research.

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We constantly strive to prove what we believe about the body and the golf swing. Our on-going research gives you the opportunity to participate in contributing to the expansion of the body of knowledge about the golf swing.

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Kinematic Sequence of the Golf SwingHow do you know if your swing is working right? You measure it!

Do you want to know how efficient your golf swing is? You can measure that too.


What do all great ball strikers have in common? An efficient golf swing motion. It is that simple.

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Does your swing look like this?ORDoes your swing look like this?
Good Golf Posture measured by the K-vest.Poor Posture with the K-vest showing that
Good Posture on the K-VestC-Posture on the K-vest
Readout of weight shift on a DBSWeight Shift on DBS
Weight Shift Graph on the DBSTesting Weight Shift on the DBS

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