My golf game has Improved!


“I started at home fitness training after a couple of tennis injuries when I was in my 40′s and I realized I needed to keep my muscles strong to avoid future injuries from the sports I love:  tennis, golf, running.  Then a couple of years ago I began to have some lower back pain and visited a physical therapist, who convinced me of the necessity of a strong core to support my spine.  Tracy, who is both a former pro golfer and a current trainer is very knowledgeable about core training and incorporates the use of core muscles in all of her exercises.  Since working out with Tracy, my golf game  has improved tremendously.  I hit the ball farther and straighter, and I even managed to win the ladies’ club championship at my club this year!”  ~ Beth


“I came to Tracy to improve my fitness for golf. I have experience increased strength, flexibility, and overall awareness of how improved physical fitness relates to my golf game as well as my overall well being. Her experience and background are helping me build a fit foundation for life, not just golf.” – Lee